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Submissions Poster Feathers 2018_edited.
Submission Categories
  • Written: 

    • Poetry, short fiction (not exceeding 10 pages, double-spaced in 12 pt font), drama, personal/critical essays, editorials, letters to editor, interviews, descriptive sketch, slam poetry

  • Visual: 

    • Art, photography, photo manipulation (at least 300 dpi) 

    • Ceramics, origami, graphic design, 3D design (Solid background, at least 300 dpi)

  • Auditory: 

    • Original sheet music, original songs, and original performances of public domain songs.

Submission Guidelines
  • Submissions must be submitted via Dropbox form below or as an attachment in an email to

  • Your STUDENT EMAIL must be used for your submission to be considered.

  • Submitted work should be carefully edited into a final form in order to be considered.

  • There is no limit on submissions per person, so submit as many works as you want.

  • All submissions are reviewed until Feb. 1st of that issues' year.

    • Any submissions after Feb. 1st will be considered for next year's issue.​​

  • Students will be notified of their admission status no later than April 15th.

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