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Submissions Guidelines

  • Submissions must either be submitted through the form on the right. Email Mrs. Peters if you have problems. 

  • You MUST use your student email when submitting your work

  • Make sure to carefully edit your work before submitting

  • There is no limit on submissions per person, so submit as many works as you want

  • The submissions deadline for the 2024 edition of The Skaldic has already passed

    • If you missed the deadline, you can still submit work for the 2025 edition of The Skaldic

  • Students will be notified if their work is included in the magazine, and their work will be credited​

Submissions Categories

  • Written Work

    • Poetry​​​

    • Slam Poetry

    • Short Fiction

    • Drama

    • Creative Nonfiction

      • Including (but not limited to) Personal Essays, Editorials, Letters to the Editor, and Interviews​

    • Descriptive Sketches​

  • Artwork (at least 300 DPI)​

    • Drawings​

    • Sketches

    • Paintings

    • Graphic Design

    • Photography

    • 3D Art (photo must have a solid background)

      • Including (but not limited to) Ceramics, Origami, Digital 3D Models, and Sculpture​

    • Animation​

  • Music​​

    • Original Compositions​

    • Original Performances (song must be in the public domain)

Submissions for  2024-2025 edition are OPEN until Feb. 1, 2025.

If you are a graduating senior (class of '24) you can still submit!


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