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Welcome to The Skaldic's donation page! If you are thinking about donating, great! Go right ahead and click that button. If you are still wary and want some more information about the process of donating, please read the statement below.

The Skaldic only has a handful of staff members, and we are tasked with a big project and have limited funds. The magazine costs about $3,500 for 150 copies of the newest edition, meaning we have to come up with other ways of obtaining money. We have run numerous fundraisers, work with other clubs and sport teams so each benefit, and of course, are open for donations. We dream of producing the best magazine possible to win another Pacemaker Award, and that can come true with your help.

All donations we receive will be used to print the magazine. It will be comprised of 80 color pages of art, photography, poetry, and short fiction from the students of GHS, with an additional digital section containing original musical compositions and performance. As a show of our thanks, we will include your name on this year's edition of The Skaldic’s donation page. Additionally, as we are a nonprofit, your donations are tax-deductible.

Lastly, if you would rather send a check as your form of payment, make it out to GHS and send it to 416 McKinley Ave, Geneva, IL 60134. If you have any further questions please contact our sponsor, Heather Peters at

Thank you again for your donation and we hope you look forward to seeing what our staff produces when the final magazine is printed in the spring.


Below is a list of the magazine's wonderful sponsors. Without their contributions, the production of the magazine would not be possible and this organization would cease to exist. Thank you all very much!

Charles and Sandra Peters

Graham's Chocolate

Hart Chiropractic

The Manigel Family

Shodeen Foundation

Also, huge thanks to BFC Printing for all of the excellent work they have done over the years for the printing of the magazine.

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